Based on your answers, this is your insurance solution:

Comprehensive cover consisting of private and statutory health insurance

✓ Can be applied for from abroad
✓ Immediate confirmation for your visa application
✓ Certificate for the university directly after online application
✓ Payment only after arrival in Germany
Private health insurance
(before the beginning of your studies)
Up to 31 days after entry free of charge
Statutory health insurance
(during your studies)
€120.34 per month from the beginning of your studies
Details about the applicant and the person to be insured:
First name 
Family name 
Date of birth  . .  
(Maximum age 29 years)
City of birth 
(City of birth: The city of birth is the place where you were born.)
Country of birth 
(Country of birth: The country of birth is the country where you were born.)
(Nationality: Nationality is the country mentioned in your passport.)
Home country 
(Home country: The home country is the country where you reside.)
Passport number 
(Please enter the number of the travel document with which you plan to enter.)
Your address in Germany:
Address known 
Street and house number 
Postal code 
Details about your studies:
Date of arrival  . .  
Note: Please enter the date of entry here. If you do not yet know the exact date of entry, please enter the estimated date of entry so that you are insured from the first day onward.
University location 
In Germany, there are universities with multiple locations. The location is required for insurance registration.
Field of study 
Start of the semster 
Start date of the semester 
Your bank details in Germany:
Bank details known 
We need a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate from you that authorizes Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and DR-WALTER to debit your monthly health insurance fee from your account. If you do not yet have a German bank account, you can provide us with the bank details after your entry.
Account holder 
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