Liability Insurance

Your two steps to purchase insurance online:

1. Fill in the application.

2. Check your entries on page 2 and confirm your application.

You will immediately receive your insurance certificate. In addition, we will send you an email with the certificate to the email address you entered.

Details about the applicant:
First name 
Family name 
Street and house number 
Postal code 
Data of the person to be insured:
First name 
Family name 
Date of birth  . .  
Home country 
Insurance period and area of validity:
Please pay attention to our notes if the start or the end of the journey is not yet known, if the application takes place after the start of the journey or if your journey involves several destinations.
Start of insurance  . .  
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Professional and personal liability insurance
5,00 € / month
Method of payment:
In the following methods of payment the total sum will be debited.
After insurance conclusion you will be redirected to SIX Payment Services (Europe) S.A.
Alternatively you can pay monthly or in one sum by using the SEPA direct debit scheme.
Payment by SEPA direct debit 
I hereby authorize DR-WALTER GmbH to collect payments from my / our account by direct debit mandate. I further instruct my bank to pay the direct debits drawn on my / our account by DR-WALTER GmbH.
Please choose between one lump sum payment or monthly payment.
Account holder 
Name and domicile of financial institution 
DR-WALTER GmbH, Eisenerzstr. 34, 53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany / Creditor Identifier: DE76ZZZ00000887121 / Mandate Reference: your insurance policy number
Space for special notes:


Start of journey not yet known

If you do not know the exact start date of your journey yet, please enter the estimated start date. Unless you provide us with other information, both insurance and payment of premiums will start at the date you entered.

Please notify us if the start date of the journey changes. Where the actual date of entry only differs from the originally planned date of entry by a few days, you only need to call us or send us a short email notification. Where your notification takes place more than 14 days after the originally planned start of the journey, you need to provide us with evidence of the delayed start (passport copy, airline ticket or travel confirmation).

End of insurance not yet known

Sometimes the exact return date is not known at the start of the journey. In this case, please apply for the maximum period you plan to stay. Should you return early, please notify us immediately and tell us your departure date.

In this case, you only pay the premiums which arose before the notification. If a direct debit system exists, it will be stopped. Credit will be immediately refunded to your account. No service fee will be charged.

Application after the start of journey

Where the application for insurance takes place after the start of the journey, insurance cover begins on the date we receive your application and premium payment.

Several travel destinations

During the entire insurance period, cover is provided for the insured travel destination. Should your exchange program take place in several countries, please enter the main country as the travel destination and the other countries (in case you stay there more than six weeks) in the field that says “Additional information/Special notes".

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